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Jack Machillot

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49 years old and an amateur writer since he was a teenager, Jack Machillot is a Marseillais by adoption and at heart. He has had the good fortune to travel, which has enabled him to embark on what he calls "his little odyssey", rich in encounters with people from all walks of life and experiences.

Jack Machillot is also passionate about gaming. He works as a freelance regional coordinator for a board game distributor. He's also an editor of role-playing games, and head of the board game section of a print magazine - in short, he's a busy man.
He's an inquisitive spirit who never tires of new discoveries, appreciating the arts in all their forms, from cinema to painting, not forgetting theater, which he practiced for over 10 years.

He has always had a passion for horrific and fantastic worlds, which he explores and seeks to share through his short stories. He also loves the absurd, peanuts and Kaijû!

He self-published his first novel, Mission Thucydide, and his second, Chaos Ex Machina, was published by Ogmios.

In 2024, two very different publications were added to his bibliography: a novella for an informed public in our DiscordeS collection, and a children's album in our Premier Livre collection. The latter is illustrated by Tony Rochon.

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