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Zyad Hamani, aka “ZD.” is part of a generation raised with manga and anime. Come and discover his Space Punch manga at the festival!

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In 2013, while ZD. was pursuing his higher studies in Mechanical Engineering, he won the character creation competition for volume 1 of Radiant. Since then, he has become more seriously involved in drawing and has begun to develop his network alongside his engineering studies at UTBM.

In November 2018, he decided to put his engineering career on hold and devote himself fully to his first manga project, Space Punch, which he will sign with Ankama in June 2019 as a full author.

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Founded in 2001, Ankama is now a leading independent digital creation group in the video game world! Since the phenomenal success of the DOFUS online game, Ankama has invested in several areas of activity to become a true transmedia group.

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