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Activity desk (ex "Jen shop")

At Japan Expo, many games and activities can make you win Jens, the festival currency, which you can then exchange for products at the Activity Desk (ex "Jen shop"). Let’s explain how it all works!

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What are Jens?

Jens are a fictive currency used only in Japan Expo festivals. It is made of notes of 100 Jens, 500 Jens, 1,000 Jens, 2,000 Jens, and 5,000 Jens.

You can collect the Jen notes you win in several Japan Expo festivals and year after year. Thus you can win Jens in several festivals, and then use them in one exchange. 

How to win Jens?


There are several ways of winning Jens:

  • By playing games and entering the activities on our partners’ booths. They will give you a certain amount of Jens if you win at games, quizzes, tournaments, and more!
  • By entering the games organized by the Activities Desk.
    Ask the Activities Desk for more information. 

How to exchange Jens for products?

You can exchange your Jen notes at the Jen shop set at the Activities Desk for products worth 200 Jens to 7,000 Jens.

Many products in a class of their own are also proposed for more than 7,000 Jens.


  • No change is given back on Jen notes.
  • Jen notes that are torn or damaged are not accepted. 
  • The Jens collected until 2016 are not accepted anymore.



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