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Jeronimo Cejudo

Jeronimo Cejudo is a French-born manga artist. At the age of 8, he developed a taste for drawing after a friend gave him Volume 35 of Dragon Ball.

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When Jeronimo Cejudo received the 35th volume of Dragon Ball for his 8th birthday, he relentlessly copied the drawings to perfect his skills.

The discovery of One Piece, and especially Dreamland, convinced him to become a manga artist in France. He began his career with Lil' Berry (3 volumes, Delcourt Tonkam), for which he was solely responsible for drawing. In 2020, the 100th edition of the Tezuka competition is announced. Jeronimo entered the competition for the first time on an international scale, and won second place with praise from Akira Toriyama and Kazue Kato for his one-shot Devil Dive Inferno, a manga centered on the world of lucha libre. At the time of the results, he signed with Ankama for a new series: RIPPER

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