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Tetsuya Komuro

Tetsuya Komuro, The King of J-Pop. Founding member of TM NETWORK, he encountered success with tracks such as Get Wild and Self Control, but also by producing many artists.

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Composer, producer, and multi-faceted musician Tetsuya Komuro is a true living legend of Japanese pop music. He got his career off to a flying start in the 1980s with the band TM NETWORK, who scored hit after hit with songs such as Get Wild, which was used as the ending theme of the City Hunter anime. Just one year after their initial success, TM NETWORK released Beyond the Time, the title track of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.


Multiplying labels and collaborations, he produced artists such as Namie Amuroglobe, and TRF, defining the sound of the 90s/2000s with a mix of synth-pop, dance, and rock. In 1995, he broke a record by producing the five best-selling singles in Japan. His contributions to the animation industry brought him international acclaim. 


This year, Tetsuya Komuro teamed up with TM REVOLUTION's Takanori Nishikawa and wrote FREEDOM, the theme song of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM.

During TM Network's latest tour, "TM Network 40th Fanks Intelligence Days: Yonmaru" the use of AI-generated videos to accompany the performance received a lot of attention. Experience this special performance at Tetsuya Komuro's concert at Japan Expo!

Find out more about how the artist approached the use of AI and his views on the future of AI use in the music industry in his exclusive interview with NIKKEI xTREND.

Meet him on Sunday, July 14, for a signing session and a concert on the Yuzu stage!

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