Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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The Japanese-inspired rapper-composer-DJ Sonikem is coming to Japan Expo for the first time to share his music with you!

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Sonikem is an eminent French music composer, DJ and rapper of Beninese and Cameroonian origin, known for his unique ability to blend different musical genres. His Lo-fi, boombap, hip-hop and jazz compositions blend with Afro, house and sometimes Baile Funk sounds.

His 2019 album Last Train To Shibuya, on which he invited 9 Tokyo artists, was a big hit in the Japanese hip-hop scene. In 2022, he collaborated with rapper Lipstorm and together they presented an EP entitled "Never Stop", which was followed in 2023 by a new collaboration with rapper Ish-One in an EP entitled "Ninjas in Paris". With the success of these projects, Sonikem has established himself as the reference composer for Japanese hip-hop in France.