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Meet GUILE, a comic book fan who has turned his passion into a profession, at the Artist Alley.

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Working as a freelance and with 20 years' experience in the professional world, GUILE is a French artist who draws his inspiration from the great names of American comics such as Ron Frenz, Marc Silvestri and Mike Mignola. He specializes in character design for the video game industry, notably for Ubisoft on Red Steel 2. As a cover artist, he collaborates with American publishers such as FairSquare Comics, BadBug Média and Marvel, drawing for titles such as Miles Morales: Spider-man, Thor and Hulk Annual. With Cryptozoic Enternainment, Rittenhouse and Upper Deck, he is involved in the design of several trading card series. More recently, he worked on the title Prince de Thémis for Graffcomics while developing his personal projects. In parallel, he currently runs drawing and illustration workshops for children and teenagers in the Paris region. 


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