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VanRah will be at Japan Expo for volume 6 of Stray Dog!

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Passionate about history, folklore and symbolism, VanRah developed Stray Dog with the aim of using this dystopia to satirise the society of yesterday and today, denouncing racism, intolerance and social discrimination. Among other things, it highlights the little-known fantastic figure of the werewolf. Her idea was to bring out all the mystery, complexity, duality and problems associated with it. These Lycans are organised into clans, follow rules and are subject to curses that give their characters depth and interest. His gothic, futuristic world is reminiscent of the rich universe of Anne Rice, which gives the fantastic characters their full scope.

In Stray Dog, rediscover the myth of the Beast of Gévaudan. In a world where the present and the past, ancient stones and new technologies meet, violent segregation reigns. On one side are the Karats, demons that can take on human form, and on the other, humanity, which has enslaved them to protect itself. It's in this dark world that two people with uncertain fates and opposing interests meet: Aki, a young girl who has lost her smile, and Toru, a Karat, a red-eyed Lycan possessed by a fatal curse. What binds them? A contract of allegiance that makes Toru's mistress the young human girl sworn to avenge the death of her father, murdered by a demon.

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Glénat is one of France's historic comic book publishers. A forerunner in manga publishing, the publisher brought the immense Akira to France in the early 1990s, in a colorized version adapted to French customs. With the creation of the Glénat Manga collection, the publisher brought legendary series to the French-speaking public. These included Ranma ½ and above all Dragon Ball, which brought Glénat unprecedented success.

Since then, Glénat has continued to expand its catalog, with numerous science-fiction series, following in the footsteps of Akira, shojo such as Gakuen Alice or much more retro series such as Ashita no Joe

Glénat has also made itself available to publish French authors, such as Horion by the duo Aienkei & Enaibi. Discover Glénat's universe at their booth at Japan Expo!

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