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Brigitte Lecordier

Brigitte Lecordier is one of the best-known faces in the French dubbing industry. She brings to life the characters of Oui-Oui, Peepoodoo and - of course - Son Goku and Son Gohan!

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Brigitte Lecordier is a French actress who is particularly well known in animated films for having lent her voice to numerous characters such as Son Goku, Son Gohan and Son Goten enfants in the Dragon Ball series and films, as well as Oui-Oui, Bouli le bonhomme de neige, Bouba le petit ourson, Nicolas in Bonne nuit les Petits, Olie in Rolie Polie Olie, Gromo in Martin Matin, and in American Horror Story, Zoé , Alf, and more recently on the web for La Petite Mort by Davy Mourier, as well as Peepoodo by Bobbypills.

She has also been artistic director of Le Nidouille, Pastagums, Conan le fils du futur, Vas-y Julie !, Archibald le Koala, Lulu Vroumette and many others, including La Famille Blaireau-Renard, César et Capucine, and season 3 of Les Mini-Justiciers.

A director, singer and actress, she has appeared in theater, film and television. On the radio, she has taken part in numerous dramas for Radio France and the Comédie Française, and in L'Oreille en colimaçon for several years on France Musique.

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