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Ana Cristina Sánchez

Come and meet Ana Cristina Sanchez, creator of Limbo, at Japan Expo!

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Born and living in Murcia, ANA C. SÁNCHEZ has been interested in manga since she was a teenager. Loving to create stories, she began by writing them. To make them more visual, she then turned to self-taught illustration. She created several self-published webcomics (Cross Heart, Melody of Sorrow, Phantom Edge) before being published by Planeta with Alter Ego and Sirius. With Limbo, she embarks on her first shonen series, packed with adventure, action and the supernatural.

Summary of Limbo, Ana C. Sánchez's first shonen series: 

Aurora Edelweiss, almost sixteen, has a gift: she can see and interact with the spirits of the dead. She uses her power to investigate supernatural phenomena, and in particular mysterious objects known as ‘soul essences’. One day, when she stumbles upon a terrifying monster and a stranger interferes, Aurora is thrown into Limbo. There she discovers the truth about the essences of the soul... The young girl decides to set off in search of them, without worrying about competing with the ‘angels’ who are pursuing the same goal. She snatches her first essence right in front of the stranger, obviously not expecting to find it in her school... Lieza, as she calls herself, seems determined to make Aurora pay for her trick!

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Since then, Glénat has continued to expand its catalog, with numerous science-fiction series, following in the footsteps of Akira, shojo such as Gakuen Alice or much more retro series such as Ashita no Joe

Glénat has also made itself available to publish French authors, such as Horion by the duo Aienkei & Enaibi. Discover Glénat's universe at their booth at Japan Expo!

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