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Pierre Lovati

Pierre Lovati has been an author and video artist since 2016. Meet him at the Third Éditions booth on Friday, July 12!

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Pierre Lovati has been an author and videographer on video games since 2016 on his Pier-re ™ channel. This Japan enthusiast regularly writes articles for Immersion magazine, and teaches game analysis to future developers at HEAJ (Namur). Meet him on the Third Éditions booth on Friday, July 12 at Japan Expo!

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Third Éditions is a publishing house founded by Mehdi El Kanafi and Nicolas Courcier. It is dedicated to the video-gaming world. In 2010, Mehdi and Nicolas co-founded a publishing firm, Console Syndrome, which was bought one year later by a major publisher of video game books and magazines. Over the following four years, they edited and co-wrote twenty books, among them: Zelda. Chronicles of a Legendary SeriesMetal Gear Solid: Hideo Kojima’s Magnum Opus, and The Legend of Final Fantasy VII. Since 2015, their publishing endeavors have seen them analyze major video game sagas through a new publishing house: Third.

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