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Lim Lina

Lim Lina, author of the famous webtoon White Blood, is on WEBTOON's booth at Japan Expo from Friday to Sunday to celebrate the release of her new series, Killer Peter!

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Lim Lina made her debut in 2016 with the webtoon Honshin and has since won the affection and interest of many webtoon readers with her series White Blood and Killer Peter. In France, in particular, White Blood has enjoyed great success thanks to its print version. After entering into a publishing partnership with Michel Lafon, one of France's largest independent publishers, White Blood sold over 100,000 copies. She is currently working as a cartoonist on Killer Peter, an action series about killers, in collaboration with Kim Junghyun, the author of Viral Hit. With its powerful drawings and story full of suspense and tension, Killer Peter is an exhilarating tale of revenge that enjoys widespread support among fans of webtoons around the world. 

This year, she will be at Japan Expo from Friday 12 July to Sunday 14 July on the WEBTOON stand to take part in a range of events, including book signings, discussions about her work and drawing demonstrations.



A publishing service launched in 2004 in South Korea and expanded internationally in 2014, WebToon has become THE benchmark for online comics. It allows many independent artists to publish their work, in a vertical format suitable for reading on screen. Anyone can read as much as they like for free.
The platform has even started publishing French-speaking artists and translating Korean works into French. 

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