Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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Magnetix Crew

Magnetix Crew is a dance cover group - an activity consisting in reproducing the choreography of songs, often K-pop. Come and discover the group at the festival!

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Magnetix Crew is a 20-member dance cover band founded in 2016. The main activity of these enthusiasts is to create and share their videos on their YouTube channel.

Their activity isn't just limited to networking: the group has had the opportunity to perform on stage all over France, in cities such as Paris, Reims, Nantes, Paris and Lille. Recently, Magnetix Crew took on a new challenge, conquering the hip-hop scene by creating original choreography and taking part in competitions.

Join them all 4 days of Japan Expo at their booth in the Kpop Island area, for K-pop activities on the Sky stage and for two shows on the Kamo stage!

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