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Gili-Gili: Samuel TRIFOT

You may have already tasted it or seen it in an anime, gobbled up by your favourite heroes: onigiri is a real culinary tradition in Japan, and an expert in the field will teach you how to prepare it at Japan Expo!

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For Japan Expo, Samuel Trifot (Gili-Gili) has chosen to present three onigiri recipes, the Japanese "soul food": the great classic, tuna mayonnaise which revolutionized onigiri in the 70s, salmon, one of the best sellers in Japan as well as in France and shiso tsukemono, a simple, fresh and colorful vegetable recipe.

Samuel Trifot and Ai Watanabe are the co-founders of Gili-Gili, established in Tokyo and Kobe Prefecture. Even before the opening of their shop at 48 rue Notre Dame de Lorette in Paris in 2019, Samuel Trifot gave numerous workshops in several Parisian locations to spread his know-how and make the onigiri known to as many people as possible. Gili-Gili then published the first cookbook entirely dedicated to Japanese soul food, sharing their knowledge acquired in Japan and over the years.


Samuel Trifot, manager and co-founder of the Japanese restaurant Gili-Gili, onigiri specialist in Paris since 2019, will give three cooking demonstrations at Japan Expo, learn how to make :



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