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Gili-Gili: Learn how to make shiso tsukemono onigiri !

Whether you're a fan of onigiri, a simple gourmet or a foodie, always curious to discover new flavours, don't miss Samuel Trifot's cooking demonstration on these emblematic rice balls from the restaurant Gili-Gili!

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Stuffed with a variety of recipes to suit all tastes, these Japanese rice balls are a quick and healthy snack and an original alternative to sandwiches for lunch. In this demonstration by Gili-Gili, you will learn how to prepare onigiri the Japanese way!

The "shiso tsukemono" flavor is a colourful, classic vegan recipe that incorporates one of the basic accompaniments of onigiri, pickles (or tsukemono).

Come and learn how to prepare your own shiso tsukemono onigiri on Friday 15th of July from 3pm to 4pm in the Washoku area at Japan Expo!

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