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Yu Mashiko & Kuniumi Deluxe

Yu Mashiko, violinist, will be present at the 22nd Impact of Japan Expo together with the Kuniumi Deluxe troupe.

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Yu Mashiko is a violinist who has participated in many national and international events and concerts. She performed the national anthem solo at the world women's tennis tournament Hana Cupid Open. She is the head of the Music Island Project, which aims to promote local development on Awaji Island, which according to the foundational myth of Kuniumi, is said to be the first island of the Japanese archipelago to have been created by the gods. She made her major debut with iZA!, which features Yosakoi dance (a modern interpretation of traditional summer festival dances).

On stage at Japan ExpoYu Mashiko will be joined by dancers and taiko drummers from Awaji Island to present a unique and breathtaking show born on the first island of the Kuniumi.

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