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Korean cosplayer, PION, is very involved in her cosplays. She is also passionate about photography and edits her pictures herself. Discover PION's very special world!

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PION started cosplaying in 2012, during a year off university. She wanted to try new things, mostly related to video games, which she was studying. At that time, cosplay was gradually giving way to a career perspective. That's how she started, inspired by the cosplayers who had taken this path before.

Very involved in her cosplays, PION immerses herself in the characters she plays, going as far as creating playlists that correspond to the character. She listens to them while preparing and sometimes even during the shootings!


Once the shooting is over, PION's work does not stop there! Indeed, she is the one who edits the pictures: she uses 3D tools to visualize the result beforehand in order to know exactly what she wants and what atmosphere she is willing to bring out in the image. Her passion for photography is one of the reasons she does cosplay. For her, photography is the best way to express an idea through the most impressive arrangement of CG effects, characters, props and backgrounds in one shot.

With an artistic vision of cosplay, PION wants to share her passions with you, and this is why she will be at Japan Expo this summer!

Present as an ECG jury, she will also meet you at a cosplay guest booth during the 4 days of the festival and will give a masterclass about photography and cosplay!

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