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Mitsu is a YouTuber living in Japan since 2011. He started as a musician and thrived in the Japanese entertainment industry by becoming a model, then an actor appearing regularly on TV in Japan. Since 2021, he has shared his atypical daily life with his community on YouTube. Meet him for the first time at Japan Expo!

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Passionate about Japan since his childhood, Mitsu decided to move there in March 2011 at 19 years old to make music.

He then had the opportunity to work in the entertainment business. He started as a model for various brands, then became an actor, appearing in various commercials, dramas, and Japanese TV shows, such as Songs of Tokyo, in which Mitsu was a regular columnist until March 2023. He also signed under the label of his best friend, YOHIO.

His passion for video has led him to meet the YouTubers Louis-San and Tev-Ici Japon, with whom he started producing videos before starting his own channel in 2021.

In his videos, he shares his daily life in Japan and his atypical experiences, such as his adventure as an idol, his past as a Host, his infiltrations in Tokyo's tuning scene, or his new life as a father. Prepare yourself "a good old cup of joe" and discover his rich and entertaining content!

Meet Mitsu for the first time at Japan Expo! Come and share a moment with him during his signing sessions.