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For 7 years, Gastronogeek has built a strong community of passionates, into cooking and geek culture, through a strong online presence and the publication of many books.

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Chef and pop culture expert, Thibaud has been working in the heart of imaginary cultures for over ten years. This son of a baker, passionate about cooking, decided in 2014 to create Gastronogeek, a bridge between Gastronomy and Geek universe. The idea is to extend the immersion into imaginary universes while learning to cook healthily, in sharing!

The success is there with the publication of 16 books of "geek cooking" reference, published by Hachette and Glénat, that sold more than 500,000 copies in France and translated in many countries, including the United States and China.


  • Gastronogeek, Hachette Cuisine, 2014
  • Gastronogeek - Le Livre des potions, Hachette Heroes, 2015
  • Star Wars Cantina, Hachette Heroes, 2015
  • Gastronogeek - Série TV, Hachette Heroes, 2017
  • Geek and Pastry, Hachette Heroes, 2017
  • Assassin's Creed, Le Codex Culinaire, Hachette Heroes, 2017
  • Les banquets d'Astérix, Hachette Heroes, 2018
  • Gastronogeek Dessins Animés, Hachette Heroes, 2018
  • Gastronogeek spécial kids, Hachette Heroes, 2019
  • Les recettes légendaires de Dragon Ball, Glénat 2019
  • Les recettes enchantées Disney, Hachette Heroes, 2019
  • Gastronogeek 2, Hachette Heroes, 2020
  • Gastronogeek Recettes Végé, Hachette Heroes, 2021
  • Cuisiner l'Histoire par Gastronogeek et Nota Bene, Hachette Heroes, 2021
  • Petits Meurtres en Cuisine, Hachette Heroes, 2022
  • La Cuisine dans Ghibli, Hachette Heroes, 2022
  • La Cuisine dans Zelda, Hachette Heroes, 2022


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