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Cynthia Leman

Born in Nice in 1996, Cynthia began drawing before she took her first steps, copying anything she could get her hands on. Come and discover the WAKFU volume she illustrated at Japan Expo!

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Attracted to comics and manga from an early age, Cynthia taught herself to draw and went on to study art. She attended a 3D animation school, but her passion remained illustration, creating worlds and characters.

With her diploma in hand, and after two unrewarding graphic design internships, Cynthia plucked up the courage to contact Ankama. Against all odds, she was offered the chance to illustrate the fifth volume of the manga WAKFU, which she accepted without hesitation!

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Founded in 2001, Ankama is now a leading independent digital creation group in the video game world! Since the phenomenal success of the DOFUS online game, Ankama has invested in several areas of activity to become a true transmedia group.

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