Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

A 19th Impact rich with J-music

23 groups and artists have walked on the various stages of the festival to make you move from dawn to dusk with 35 frantic showcases and other live performances. Besides these events, associations were also ready to prolong those musical moments!

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The live photo album of the Karasu stage

The Karasu stage: highquarters of J-music fans

Each year, the Karasu stage shakes to the sound of singers and musicians performing before Japan Expo’s attendees. This year, it welcomed 17 groups and artists, both accustomed or new to the musical scene, for more than 12 hours of showcase. Other scenes also got their share of live events. There was something to suit all music tastes!

A varied programmation

Our Music Guest of Honor, TRF, made you sing and dance to the rhythm of its techno songs and its famous choreographies during a powerful and energetic show! The group’s leader, DJ KOO, also met you with traditional dancer Ukon TAKAFUJI during a live performance combining turntables and folkloric dance moves.

Hardcore music fans ran out of breath while singing with the members of Crystal Lake, and electronic rock enthusiasts got to enjoy the psychedelic tunes of THE SIXTH LIE, the group who will be singing the ending of the upcoming anime Golden Kamuy.  RnB and hip hop were also represented thanks to the three singers of callme, and SWEEP brought soul up to the stage alongside DJ Yuko.

You’ve also discovered a form of Japanese sentimental ballad music with enka singer Misaki IWASA on the Ichigo and Sakura stage. She also gave a duo with Cécile CORBEL, the composer of Studio Ghibli’s Arrietty original soundtrack, who performed her aerial songs live the next day on the Ichigo stage.

Obviously, J-pop also joined the party throughout this 19th Impact. Idol groups shared their good mood with the attendees through lively and dynamic songs everywhere in the festival. The Karasu stage welcomed =LOVE and Maneki Kecak shows, the Azuki stage moved to the sound of Wi-Fi-5 members, who came to sing alongside Chi, after interpreting the ending theme of the second season of her anime: Chi's Sweet Home. The audience of the Ichigo stage also acclaimed male idols of MeseMoa..

Again on the Ichigo stage, you got to laugh with the hilarious songs of Pikotaro, the singer who became famous with Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen and Goodwill Ambassador for Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals in Japan.

Finally, your hearts could vibrate in unison with anisong artists who sang some of your favorite anime themes. Mika KOBAYASHI, a famous singer who took part in themes from Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, Blue Exorcist or Seven Deadly Sins, and Yoko TAKAHASHI, who’s behind the unforgettable opening song of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, both immersed you into those epic series’ worlds on the Karasu stage. 

Neko Light Orchestra paid tribute to Studio Ghibli’s great animation director Isao TAKAHATA, who left us on April 5, 2018, by emotionally covering some of his movies’ mosts beautiful songs, from the tragic story of Grave of the Fireflies to the varying emotions of The Tale of princess Kaguya.

At the other end of the festival, the Sakura stage welcomed otonoha and its musicians specialized in anime and video game themes covers.

New talents

For the third year in a row, Japan Expo has made you discovered new talents from the Japanese music scene thanks to the J-music Springboards. Four groups and artists with original and unique style have appeared on the Karasu stage and made a real impression on the audience. This year, the Springboards presented you pop singer MIREI, gothic group +A, visual kei singer Miura Ayme and pop-rock band LUV K RAFT!

Other young talents had been spotted in Japan through national contests. You thus got to discover Tokyo Candoll 2018 and Tokyo Candoll – BOYS – winners: BANZAI JAPAN and TERCERA TRAPs, two pop groups ready to impose their style in the music world. Finally, Emi ARISAKA, the new rock revelation who won JAPAN EXPO ROCKs contest, met you on the Karasu stage on Saturday during a detonating showcase.

The J-music photo album

Meeting the artists

Besides live shows, you could prolong your musical experience by directly meeting the artists. With signings and photocalls, all elements were gathered so that you could make the most of your favorite singers and artists' presence.

Some of them even enriched their schedule with panels. This is how you got to meet the Touken Danshi of the worlwide musical phenomenon Touken Ranbu: The Musical, few days before their great performance at le Palais des Congrès in Paris. And to make this range of activities complete, you got to see the former leader of Morning Musume, Risa NIIGAKI, during her talk-show for the Hello ! Project 20th Anniversary, Saturday on the Yuzu stage.

Even more music at booths

Many associations set an explosive atmosphere at their booths. The Saiko ! Japan area saw two idol groups performing on its Saiko ! Stage: miraiskirt and TOKYO flavor, as well as violonist Shirasu KOTOHA who covered anime songs with her instrument.

You could also sing and dance by playing music games at JVM-Events and DDR Belgium booths!

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