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Congrats to the members of BANZAI JAPAN, who won Tokyo Candoll 2018 thanks to their original songs, their cheerfulness, and their complicity with the audience. Discover them during their showcase on the Karasu stage!

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"The sun will soon rise upon the world!", such is the motto of BANZAI JAPAN, an idol group consisting of fourteen members who are all linked by their originality while coming from different parts of Japan. Their goal? To spread the charms of Japan and their energy across the whole world! In order to do so, they mix Japanese with Western music, and always dance with sensu (Japanese fans) to give a folkloric touch to their choreographies. Their performances are very complex yet they always manage to carry them out perfectly thanks to their determination and dedication.

新月咲く夜の隠れんぼ/BANZAI JAPAN@千人斬りLIVE

The members of BANZAI JAPAN work hard to become a unique idol group. Last April, they won the Tokyo Candoll 2018 contest and will thus be proving themselves on the international music scene next summer at Japan Expo! They will be attending the festival for three days so come cheer them on during their showcase on the Karasu stage, then meet them at panels, signings, and photo calls!


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