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The members of =LOVE wish to become perfect idols. Come discover and support this young and promising group at the festival!

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=LOVE (equal love) is an idol/voice actress group co-produced by idol Rino SASHIHARA (member of HKT48) and the prestigious Yoyogi Animation Academy. In April 2017, Rino SASHIHARA organized an audition in order to produce her ideal idol group. The selected contestants thus became =LOVE, which implies that an idol "has to be loved by her fans and has to love her job".

In August 2017, the members of =LOVE made their first performance at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2017 after joining the SACRA MUSIC label. Their first single, =LOVE, was released a month later and scored #8 on the weekly Oricon Single Chart, soon followed by their second, Bokura no Seifuku Christmas, which scored #3. In February 2018, they made their first theater performance as voice actresses for the musical titled Kemono Friends.

=LOVE(イコールラブ)/ 手遅れcaution【MV full】

Rino SASHIHARA states that wishing to become an idol isn’t enough to truly become one: action comes first! She wishes to support this new group the same way she was supported when she debuted nine years ago. In July, the twelve members of =LOVE will attend Japan Expo to make you discover their music and share their passion! Come see their lively showcase and meet them at signings!

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