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The powerful tunes of gothic group +A come to Japan Expo as part of the J-music Springboards. Its two members, AKIRA and Ayasa, will be meeting you from Friday to Sunday!

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+A is a collaboration unit between two independent artists: AKIRA, a singer with an androgynous look, and violonist Ayasa.

AKIRA is notably known for having been on the cover of KERA magazine as a boy style icon, and for having interpreted the ending theme of the anime Black Butler Book of Circus, titled Aoi Tsuki Michite. She has recently launched her own show, in which she presents Kanto's most touristic regions, accompanied by guests with lolita looks. Ayasa stepped on the music scene at a very young age thanks to her violin skills. She’s appeared in many commercials and often performs live. With already four minialbums, she appeals to a large audience and is very successful on Youtube.

AKIRA and Ayasa fused their talents to create a group with powerful songs and gothic looks. They will be performing live for the first time in May, and will be releasing their first single, Saint of Oblivion (written by AKIRA), next July.

This duo is already quite famous in Japan, and its popularity is now growing overseas as well.

This year, you'll get to discover +A during a showcase on the Karasu stage of Japan Expo thanks to the J-music Springboards! Know that you'll also get to see AKIRA and Ayasa at a panel, as well as meet them at signings and photo calls from Friday to Sunday!

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