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+A: signing

The powerful tunes of gothic group +A come to Japan Expo as part of the J-music Springboards. Its two members, AKIRA and Ayasa, will be meeting you at a signing!

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+A is the collaboration of two artists: vocalist AKIRA and violinist Ayasa. AKIRA is known for appearing in KERA magazine as an icon of androgynous fashion and for singing the theme of the anime Black Butler Book of Circus. Ayasa was spotted from an early age for her violin talent. She has released four minialbums so far and has many fans on the Internet.

They joined their talents to create a group with powerful songs and gothic tunes. They performed live for the first time last May and their first single, Saint of Oblivion (written by AKIRA), will be released next July. 

They are part of the J-music Springboards and meet you at a signing!

  • To get a signing, you must show a signing ticket (available at the Signing Desk).
  • First come, first served
  • Signing material: an official product of your choice or a free ex-libris available during the signing.
  • To increase your chances, read this page to know how signings work.


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