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Have a look at J-rock stars-to-be at Japan Expo: the talent show JAPAN EXPO ROCKs is back! Who will succeed Toranoko Rammy and perform live for you at Japan Expo? Let’s follow the contest in the upcoming month to know more!

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"Music is best live!"

The company TENKUI, live house manager in Japan, launched a J-rock talent show in partnership with Japan Expo last year: JAPAN EXPO ROCKs! Toranoko Rammy had won the competition last year and set fire to the Karasu stage at the festival.

The contest is back to unveil the new generation of J-rock stars-to-be! Since January 5 and until April 22, Japanese artists will be performing in live houses in Tokyo. This way, JAPAN EXPO ROCKs is inviting you to listen to new bands, while helping them start their career. The winners will perform live on the Karasu stage at Japan Expo.

The talent show follows several stages, from the first selections to the finals which honor the winners. During the first two stages, the audience votes to choose the groups who will keep on with the adventure. From the quarter finals, a professional jury takes on and chooses the candidates who go on for the semi-finals, and finally the winner.


To follow the talent show, read our news and save the dates:

  • January 5-22, 2018: first selections
  • February 2-13, 2018: second selections
  • February 26-28, 2018: quarter-finals
  • March 27-29, 2018: semi-finals
  • April 22, 2018: finals

Quarter finals

The quarter finals took place in 10 different live houses in Tokyo and its surroundings. From the 95 bands and artists in the run at the beginning, 24 made it to the semi-finals. Here they are (click their names to have a look at their performances during the quarter finals):


Among the 24 selected bands, 7 have made it to the finals and will be facing each other during the ultimate round on April 22, 2018. Here are the finalists (click their names to have a look at their performances during the semi-finals):


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