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Congrats to Emi ARISAKA for winning JAPAN EXPO ROCKs 2018! Thanks to her determination and her talent, this rock singer with lolita looks has successfully reached every step of the competition and achieved victory. Come discover her on stage and meet her at signings and photo calls!

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Emi ARISAKA has been pursuing her career for more than ten years as a songwriter, a composer, and a singer. Her lolita looks, her lively songs, and her sturdy character have caused a sensation in the J-rock world and have made her win the hearts of many fans.

Her popularity is constantly increasing on social media. Her pages now count thousands of likes and her official blog has been viewed more than 92,000 times. She thus takes good care of her public image and uses her fame to promote the lolita fashion style, which is one of her biggest passions. She even launched her own clothing brand called StrawberryWarS.

She once released two albums and six singles in less than two years, which is truly exceptional for a freelance artist. Once every month, she sings live in a trendy concert room called Hatsudai Doors, and regularly performs in Tokyo and Nagoya.

いちご戦争 有坂愛海

Emi ARISAKA has wished to perform abroad for years, which motivated her to take part in JAPAN EXPO ROCKs. Her work has been greatly rewarded for she won the contest after months of competition. She is now getting ready to come to Japan Expo to fulfill her dream and offer you an unforgettable showcase on the Karasu stage. She will also be attending the festival for three days and will thus invite you to meet her at signings and photo calls!


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