Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Miura Ayme

Miura Ayme is an ex-member of the visual kei band Ecthelion who has started a solo career in March 2018. His concept, which mixes singing and cosplay, does great among his fans. Come discover him from Friday to Sunday at Japan Expo thanks to the J-music Springboards!

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After being a vocalist of visual kei band Ecthelion, Miura Ayme started a solo career mixing his passion for singing and his love for cosplay. In 2017, he performed at HYPER JAPAN Festival in London and at JAPANicon in Poland. More than 15,000 anime and visual kei lovers follow him on Instagram. He has officially launched his solo career in March 2018 and has celebrated this event by performing live in Tokyo. He is currently working on a song, Kamisama Nante, which will be released very soon.

Don't miss your chance to discover this artist from Friday to Sunday at Japan Expo! He will be giving a showcase on the Karasu stage as part of the J-music Springboards as well as a panel, and will be meeting you at signings and photo calls!

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