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Japan Expo, 20 years of fun facts: 11th Impact

We keep going over the festival adventure with a few anecdotes taking you behind the scene and celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo. We switch to a sweet moment today with the 11th Impact back in 2010!

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On July 1st-4th, 2010, Japan Expo welcomed more than 80 guests, including five guests of honor, great figures of manga, anime, J-music, or video games. Among the latter, Tsukasa HÔJÔ, the author of City Hunter and Cat’s Eye, had come to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his career at Japan Expo, and was accompanied by Kenji KODAMA, the director of the anime adaptations of City Hunter and Cat’s Eye.

Let’s get emotional

For the 30th Anniversary of the career of mangaka Tsukasa HÔJÔ, the creator of Cat’s Eye and City Hunter, Japan Expo featured a big exhibit about his work and was honored to welcome him. A very special event for one of the cofounders of Japan Expo, Sandrine Dufour, for whom the master’s work means a lot. "Those titles changed my life. When I met Tsukasa HÔJÔ, I was pregnant. He told me that his daughter was pregnant too and we started talking about father and daughter relationships. It was an amazing moment of sharing, we were so far away from the festival."

Japan Expo 11th Impact key figures

4 days · 173,680 attendees · 100,000 sqm · 567 exhibitors · +80 guests · 650 hours of program

The 12th Impact took place a few months after the March 11, 2011 earthquake. ​​​​​Follow our news for more information a few days!

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