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Japan Expo, 20 years of fun facts: 3rd Impact

Let’s keep on going back over the festival adventure with anecdotes from behind the scenes for Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary. Today we’re turning to the 3rd Impact and unexpected technical incidents!

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On June 29 to July 1st, 2001, Japan Expo 3rd Impact was welcoming guests for the first time, French for the time being, with voice actors and anime theme singers. 

Dealing with the unexpected

If the European Cosplay Gathering Finals as well as the many shows featured on stage are now well-organized events, there was a time when it could be hazardous and nerve-racking.

Right after the audio and video equipment supplier cancelled on the day before the festival, Jean-François Dufour, the festival President, tried to hold back a 60 kilo box that was about to fall down with his knee, which made him limp for the rest of the event.

Worse was to come as nothing seemed to work as planned, with equipment not functioning and the Cosplay Show contestants’ CDs not working either, delaying their performances for several hours and adding up to the heatwave.

Japan Expo 3rd Impact key figures

3 days · 12,000 attendees · 9 guests (the very first ones!) · 3,000 sqm · 1,300 origami cranes for Hiroshima


The 4th Impact featured the arrival of Nintendo at Japan Expo, an event we’ll be coming back over in a few days: follow our news for more about this story!

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