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Japan Expo, 20 years of fun facts: 2nd Impact

Let’s finish the year 2019 with a few anecdotes celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo. Today, we go back over the 2nd Impact and a little tiny detail that might have put an end to it all!

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Six months after the 1st Impact, Japan Expo and the team were on form for the second edition: this time, the festival took place at Espace Champerret in Paris on Dec. 8, 9, 10, 2000 with twice as many attendees.

You don’t mess with administration

What if Japan Expo hadn’t gone any further than the first edition? That’s what almost happened with the 2nd Impact, which was taking place for the first time in a professional venue. On the day before the festival, the organizers discovered that an official authorization was needed to be allowed to open a convention. What is only a simple procedure in most cases still takes three months.

In 24 hours on the stopwatch, Thomas Sirdey, Vice-President of Japan Expo, found solutions to get this legal document.

Japan Expo 2nd Impact key figures

3 days · 8,000 attendees · 492 exhibitors · 2,000 sqm · 3 cosplay shows

Technical troubles were on their way for the 3rd Impact: follow our news for more about this story in a few days!

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