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Japan Expo, 20 years of fun facts: 5th Impact

Japan Expo is celebrating its 20th Anniversary: let’s make the most of the last weeks of 2019 to highlight the event and show you the evolution of the festival by taking you behind the scenes. Today, we take a look back in 2003 when the 5th Impact took place.

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On July 4-6, 2003, the festival of Japanese culture and entertainment, which had became a major event by then, was back, still growing with the more numerous and prestigious guests, like Nobuhiro OKASEKO, Captain Tsubasa animation director, or Ryôsuke SAKAMOTO, the actor of Red One in Bioman, and with uninitiated curious attendees who joined the fans! As well as a musical…

From event planning to directing a show

To organize Japan Expo, you have to be a jack of all trades. For the 5th Impact, an exclusive production was set up: Manga Fever, a musical featuring singers and dancers embodying anime characters, from The Mysterious Cities of Gold, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, or Cat’s Eye. In collaboration with the troupe of Enrique, singer of the first French opening of the anime Grendizer, Jean-François Dufour, the festival President, had to act as the artistic director for the project. To attend the rehearsals and help the actors play their characters, he takes several trips to Avignon where the troupe lives.

Japan Expo 5th Impact key figures

3 days · 29 000 attendees · 12,000 sqm · 93 exhibitors · About 40 guests

We’ll go further to the 6th Impact and the art of dealing with overcrowded lines soon​: follow our news for a new story in a few days!


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