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Yaya HAN

25 years ago, Yaya HAN discovered cosplay and, armed with her €40 sewing machine, set about building her costumes. Today, with over 450 costumes to her credit, she has become a cosplay pioneer in the entire world.

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Since 1999, Yaya HAN's vocation has been to share her passions and creations through her cosplays. A true pioneer in this field, she embarked on this adventure body and soul 25 years ago, and has over 450 costumes to her credit. Her experience and expertise make her a guest of honor at conventions where she's expected - jury, guest speaker or keynote speaker, she's capable of slipping into any role.


The artist has actively participated in the very construction of the cosplay industry, wishing to make it accessible entertainment for all. This is achieved through the democratization of cosplay, not only through her books but also through her television appearances, notably on the American shows Heroes of Cosplay on SyFy and King of the Nerds on TBS.

She also seeks to pass on her passion through cosplay-related charity projects, with the aim of introducing the general public to the art and lifestyle of cosplay, as well as facilitating access to this medium for beginners, by offering inexpensive products and materials: her collaborations with several creative companies such as The McCall Pattern Company and JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores have led to her products being sold in over 860 boutiques.

In the world of cosplay, there's a before and an after for Yaya HAN: his hard work over the past 20 years has enabled him to achieve his current notoriety.

During Japan Expo, you can find her as a member of the jury at the Extreme Cosplay Gathering (ECG) finals!

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