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Aya Kaida

Aya Kaida is the wife of illustrator Yuji Kaida, the "Painter of Kaijus". In the 80s, she helped develop the cosplay scene into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. This year, she's back to tell us all about her passion!

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Aya Kaida is a pioneer in the world of cosplay, not only because she is a renowned cosplayer, but above all because she was one of the people who actively participated in the beginnings of cosplay in the 80s. She was already transforming herself in the effigy of her favorite manga heroes and heroines, and witnessed the evolution of this concept before it became the worldwide phenomenon we know today. In fact, she met her husband, Yuji Kaida, at Comiket, dressed as Urusei Yatsura's Ran-chan!

Having already honored us with a visit in 2022, she returns this year to share her experiences and the history of cosplay and its evolution in a conference. Come and listen to this true history of cosplay, packed with anecdotes from her personal experience

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