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Alyson Tabbitha

Meet Alyson Tabbitha, the cosplayer with a thousand faces at her stand to share your cosplay experiences!

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It's been 10 years since Alyson Tabbitha entered the world of cosplay. After a meteoric rise in popularity, she graced the covers of magazines like the New York Post and made television appearances. Today, her ever-growing popularity sees her rubbing shoulders with celebrities and brands like Rocksteady Studios, developers of the Batman Arkham series.

Since 2016, she's been sharing tutorials on her YouTube channel, where viewers can watch the creation of her costumes step by step. Her accessible manufacturing methods have greatly contributed to the success of the cosplay community, democratizing this incredible hobby.



Internationally, Alyson Tabbitha loves to travel to meet her fans - or as she calls them, future friends - at conferences and events. She loves to hear them proudly talk about their latest creation, or the impact it has had on their love of cosplay.

This year, she's coming to France for the first time, come meet her during the 4 days of the festival on her stand in the cosplay village to talk about your latest creations and leave with a print, or 

meet & greets with alyson tabbitha !

Immortalize your meeting with the cosplay superstar Alyson Tabbitha during meet & greets accessible via an additional ticket on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

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