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Sumsum Cosplay Workshop

Cosplayer for so many years she can't remember, Sumsum, always determined to share, is at Japan Expo!

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A long-time cosplayer, Sumsum has had the good fortune and honor of representing France twice in the group category at the ECG, in 2018 with Sparklinghero and in 2023 with Rinny's closet.

In 2017, she won first place at NCC Japan.

Sumsum loves getting on stage, sewing and learning new techniques again and again, but her preference is for sewing.

Her son now follows her on this crazy adventure. Whenever the opportunity arises, he takes to the stage with her.

Sumsum shares her passion every chance she gets at conferences, workshops and events. She follows her friends in all kinds of projects, from covers dance videos to cosplay shows and photo shoots. She's also involved with Epic.

As she says: Once a cosplayer, always a cosplayer!


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