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The enthusiastic Annshella arrives at Japan Expo to share her consuming passion for cosplay!

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A cosplayer since 2006, Annshella has continued to develop her 
techniques and skills over the years.
 Over the past 15 years, she has 
the opportunity to represent her country at several international 
competitions such as ECG (2015), C4 (2017) and even very recently 
recently the World Cosplay Summit (2018) in Japan.
Her victories in the finals were for her the consecration of her work, and recognition from the rich cosplay community.

Caring and eager to share her passion, Annshella travels to conventions 
conventions in France and abroad to meet other cosplay enthusiasts. 
cosplay enthusiasts. 
But what she loves most of all is meeting the audience 
audience, on stage. The alchemy and magic that work on stage is, for her
a real passion. That's why, in 2018, she created and still 
and presides over the EventShella troupe.

An association of volunteers united around a common passion, and specialized in live performance. The fifteen-strong troupe has already put on 3 major cosplay shows 
and is preparing 3 new creations for the current year.
The flame of cosplay is still alive and well for Annshella, even after all these years. 
after all these years.


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