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Festival tip : stages and show areas

Japan Expo, it is 4 halls of 14,000m², which host 13 stages and areas dedicated for shows, conferences, masterclasses and much more!

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Everything is set up for you to enjoy exceptional shows and moments at the festival! With 14 different stages and area, there is no chance to get bored. Here is an overview of what awaits you:


  • The Ichigo stage: no need to present it anymore, it's the legendary stage of Japan Expo, on which many stars have passed. With its 500m² spread over 2 floors and its 4,000 seats, it is the 3rd largest venue in the region!
  • The Yuzu stage: dedicated to cinema, the Yuzu stage hosts screenings and previews, conferences and mangaka live-drawings performances. It now welcomes nearly 3,000 people, so don't hesitate to come!
  • The Také stage: specially equipped for video games, the Také stage has 3 screens allowing you to follow the fiery e-sport tournaments, and much more!
  • The Kuri stage: conceived to highlight the guests during conferences, it is now enlarged with 600 seats for a maximum of comfort. Numerous artists and speakers have performed on its stage over the years!
  • The Sakura stage: dedicated to traditional cultures, this is where you have to go to admire dances, music and shows straight from Japan! This stage even has a hanamichi, this overhang which allows the kabuki actors to get closer to the audience.
  • The Tsubamé stage: made to enjoy concerts in conditions of privileged proximity with the artists. It was created in 2019, for the 20th anniversary of the festival.
  • Sumiré area: a must for any successful visit, the Sumiré area hosts signings and photocalls, allowing you to meet your idols to spend an unforgettable moment with them, all for free!
  • The Nezumi stage: this stage offers conferences, courses and presentations in small groups, so you can focus on precise subjects!
  • The Kitsuné stage: you probably know cosplay, this playful and artistic practice of making costumes to impersonate your favorite heroes. If the biggest cosplay events usually take place on the Ichigo stage, its little sister Kitsuné allows cosplayers to take their first steps!
  • Masterclass room: want to learn how to do your makeup like an idol? Sew your own cosplay? Then go to the masterclass room to get advice and secrets from experts!
  • The Washoku stage: as its name suggests (washoku means traditional Japanese cuisine), this is the place to go to learn how to cook specialties with demonstrations by chefs skilfully filmed so you don't miss a thing!
  • Budô area: for sports enthusiasts, come and try or improve your martial arts with specialized clubs on the 169m² tatamis prepared for the occasion!
  • The Sora stage: this stage dedicated to games allows you to have fun with animations for all and to win gifts. Don't forget to stop by during your visit!


New features:

  • The Kamo stage: this year, a brand new stage entirely dedicated to dance makes its entrance at Japan Expo! J-pop, contemporary or experimental dance, come and have a look at this installation!
  • The Sky stage: to accompany the arrival of the Amazing brand, which opens the doors of the festival to pop culture from all over the world, the Sky stage is planned to propose shows with multiple themes, without link with Japan!


Go to the programming area to discover all the shows, conferences and signings of this summer!

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