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Washoku Stage

Come learn more about Japanese cuisine! The Washoku corner hosts a stage dedicated to Japanese flavors, transmitted live on a big screen!

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The perfect place for foodies, the Washoku Stage (washoku is Japanese traditional cuisine) is at the heart of an area dedicated to Japanese food.  Like French cuisine has won the hearts of so many gourmets over the world, Japanese cuisine has slowly settled in cities through restaurants and in French and European kitchens through dressings and condiments.

The success of sushirâmen, and other foods has kept on growing and made Japanese cuisine popular with all generations. It offers a large range of tastes, textures, and colors, but also an insight in the history and traditions that are part of Japan’s daily life.

Inscribed in 2013 in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Japanese cuisine is now among the top gastronomies in the world, thanks to its diversity and strong image of healthy and balanced food.

The Washoku Stage features famous chefs, both Japanese and French, as well as professionals of Japanese gastronomy who share their secrets at demos and workshops. With a stage capacity of about to 300 seats and a screen to follow every details of the chefs’ demos!


Follow this sign to find the Washoku Stage!


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