Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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Sakura Stage

Japan Expo is proposing a trip to the heart of traditional Japan: let yourself get carried away by the artists, musicians, dancers, calligraphy artists who share with you the beauty of Japanese traditional arts on this dedicated stage!

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The Sakura Stage unveils the beauty of Japanese arts and folk culture over 111 sqm. From calligraphy to theatre, dance to music, come enjoy the most beautiful aspects of traditional Japan on this stage.

On the left side of the stage, hanamichi, a long extension on the side, reminds of traditional kabuki stages in Japan.  

This year, for the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo, the Sakura Stage is welcoming a wider audience with over 1,100 seats: let’s get enchanted by the charm of traditional Japan!



Follow this sign to find the Sakura stage!

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