Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

A 19th Impact at the height of fashion

Fashion holds a prominent place within Japanese society, and thus ever since traditional times. Professional models paraded before your admiring eyes to present you differents looks. Let’s go back on these splendid discoveries!

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The festival's fashion photo album

The latest trends on the runway

With their sophisticated patterns, their bright colors and their high manufacturing quality, clothes and accessories created according to Japanese codes have been seducing the whole world for years. Several brands came to Japan Expo to show you their latest creations by walking on the Sakura, Ichigo, and WABI SABI stages, which had turned into real podium for the occasion.

Professional models from Japan ProModel Collection allowed you admire elegant kimono and other outfits embodying the fineness and grace of Japanese fashion. The ReFashion Caravan association did the same although adding a little twist to its fashion show by combining two looks, old and new. The models also gave an artistic performance daringly mixing sword fights and dancing.

Finally, Japan Style Collection offered you a 100% modern fashion show by bringing some of Japan’s in vogue brands together, and carefully varying looks to seduce as many attendees as possible. Kawaii, girly & dark, street style… there was something for all tastes!

It’s your turn to model!


Some you even had your own moment under the spotlight by playing models. Indeed, the city of Gyôda had organized a fashion contest associating tabi and today’s fashion for you all: GYÔDA “TABI” COLLECTION in PARIS 2018. The 10 finalists got to reveal their look on the Sakura stage on Sunday and the jury offered a trip to Gyôda to the three winners!

By joining the Paris Komatchi or Yuai association at its booth, you learned how to tie and wear yukata (a light summer kimono) and dived into Japanese clothing traditions. An exhibit was also set up by Paris Komatchi to give you more information about kimono and the association’s activities.

Creators booths


Aside from the stage and animations booths, creators and fashion designers awaited you at the Passion Village to exhibit their collections, inspired from Japanese trends, lolita, gothic, kawaii, or manga, midway between Japanese and Western styles.

The WABI SABI area also displayed handmade works by a number of artists like SHIROBOSHI TENTOMUSHI, Chiemi EDA, Chiaki KATO, Yasuko KURIYAMA, Eriko MARUYAMA, Chikako TANAKAMinako NAKAMICHI, MATERIKA, Masako AKAHANE, Ethnic Suzuki, Keiko SHIRAKABA, Kan Cavalleria SOUKAN, Katsunori HIRANO, Yoko OKAMOTOKimono, purses, earrings, hair ornaments have marveled you at each corner of this 840 sqm wide area!

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