Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Eriko MARUYAMA, creator

More than 60 craftsmen from Japan come to the WABI SABI area to show you their creations and talk to you about their art. Creator Eriko MARUYAMA will be part of this big gathering!

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Eriko MARUYAMA creates small accessories that are easy to carry daily, like keychains, bags or wallets. She is mostly famous for her adorable cranes made of kimono fabric in which she always slips a 5 yen coin to bring luck to the customers.

This year, she will come to the festival to make you discover her work at the WABI SABI area alongside many craftsmen eager to show you the wealth of Japanese folklore!

Find Eriko MARUYAMA's creations on ameblo.jp/lalahappenfactory

A word on the art of clothing and accessories

Traditional Japanese accessories and clothes have been seducing the world for years. Kimono, purses, jewels, brooches, they are all loved for their bright colors, their sophisticated patterns, or their high manufacturing quality. Thanks to craftsmen's meticulous work, these creations are easily wearable and have become an essential element for all fashion lovers.


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