Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Yoko OKAMOTO, origami

More than 60 craftsmen from Japan come to the WABI SABI area to show you their creations and talk to you about their art. Origami artist Yoko OKAMOTO will be part of this big gathering!

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Yoko OKAMOTO creates origami using traditional manufacturing techniques. Her crafts have renewed Japanese people's interest for this art form and many of them are now learning how to make these delicate paper sculptures by following the artists's teaching, thus creating shuriken, animals or flowers.

This year, she will come to the festival to make you discover her work at the WABI SABI area alongside many craftsmen ready to make you discover the wealth of Japanese folklore!

A word on the art of origami

Origami is one of Japan's most ancient arts. It has its roots in ceremonies where paper was folded to decorate tables or sake jugs. The best-known origami model respresents a crane which is an important animal in Japanese folklore. Legend has it that anyone folding a thousand cranes will see their wishes granted. Thanks to this old tale, paper cranes have become a symbol of peace.


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