Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Katsunori HIRANO, wasai

More than 60 craftsmen from Japan come to the WABI SABI area to show you their creations and talk to you about their art. Creator Katsunori HIRANO will be part of this big gathering!

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Katsunori HIRANO creates tsunami zaiku (folded fabric) accessories, which is symbolic of the wasai art. His creations can be wore on big occasions as well as on a daily basis.

This year, he will come to the festival to make you discover her work at the WABI SABI area alongside many craftsmen eager to show you the wealth of Japanese folklore. He will notably be displaying a huge dragon made of colorful silk on his booth!

Find Katsunori HIRANO's creations on ren0715.shop-pro.jp

A word on wasai art

Wasai is a type of couture which was taught to young women in olden times to refine their education. Many craftsmen still get inspired by this technique to the point where they restyle it to produce various creations such as accessories or figurines.


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