Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Japan Style Collection

Discover exclusive collections with clothing brands coming to dazzle you in collaboration with Japan Style Collection!

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Japan Style Collection is a new association that organizes fashion shows in France in collaboration with Japanese clothing brands from Shibuya and Harajuku. This summer, frou brands come to make you discover their unique world at Japan Expo.

baby Shoop


baby Shoop is one of Japan’s most famous street style brands since 2012. It mainly finds inspiration in American trends and culture. Its clothes, mixing hip hop and rap, stand out with their bright colors, and their flashy patterns and accessories.

Midnight Dreamy Secret


Midnight Dreamy Secret is a new brand from Harajuku. Wit hits "girly and dark" concept, it combines two opposed styles to create colorful clothes with dark accessories. Its motto, "Wear what you like most and show your world", reveals the brand’s will to break with fashion’s strict rules. Letting one’s imagination run wild and feeling free are the creators’ only watchwords.



"Looking like a French doll" is Poupee brand’s concept. Its designers wish to bring women's princess side out thanks to charming clothing lines consisting of creations coupled with ribbons and cute accessories.


Violetta is a new brand promoting Larme look (a simple and elegant feminine style inspired by vintage clothes) with a "girly, romantic & fetish" concept.

It makes its first step this summer and will premiere its very first collection before you at the festival!

Whatever your style or your fashion tastes, don’t miss out Japan Style Collection’s fashion show on Saturday on the Ichigo stage and find the brand that suits you best!

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