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Japan Expo 20th Anniversary digest

Japan Expo is unveiling its programming for its 20th Anniversary a little at a time! If you haven’t been following our news lately, here’s the recap.

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20th Anniversary specials


  • Izuru AMASE: the star of the Takarazuka Revue is introducing you to this show halfway between musical and theatre.
  • Bioman, the amazing reunion of the series heroes: come meet Michiko MAKINO (Pink Five), Akito OSUGA (Blue Three), Naoto OTA (Green Two), Ryôsuke SAKAMOTO (Red One), Sumiko TANAKA (Yellow Four II), and Kazuo NIIBORI (Red One stunt actor)!
    Book your photo sessions and signings now: click here
  • Gastronogeek: the French chef and pop culture expert will show you how to cook the food you see in your favorite anime on the Washoku stage. Yummy!
  • ILU GRACE: one of the many dear meetings in the history of Japan Expo and here they come again to celebrate the 20th Anniversary with you.
  • Aya HIRANO: the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucy in Fairy Tail, and singer, the famous seiyû is coming to meet you.
  • KAMUI: the samurai artists, masters of choreographied sword fights, perform in collaboration with singer Mika KOBAYASHI.
  • Mika KOBAYASHI: the artist, singer and composer collaborated to the themes of Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, and will be performing with KAMUI.
  • Reison KURODA: come meet this virtuoso shakuhachi player and enjoy the breathtaking sound of his traditional bamboo flute live.
  • Leiji MATSUMOTOCaptain Harlock’s creator and one of the great names of science fiction manga is coming to meet you!
  • Gô NAGAI: one of the major authors in the history of mangathe creator of Grendizer will be attending the festival as Manga Guest of Honor!
  • Di NIANMIAO: let’s embark on a new adventure in the lands of Ultramarine Magmell imagined by the mangaka Di NIANMIAO, who will be holding signings (Ototo).
  • Kenshirô SAKAMOTO: the mangaka of Fairy Tail – Happy’s Great Adventure will be holding a panel, a live drawing, and signings (nobi nobi !).
  • Tsuyoshi TAKAKI: the author of the manga Black Torch is taking you into the world of modern ninjas (Ki-oon).
  • Task Have Fun: this kawaii idol trio will take you away with bubbly lively songs.
  • Yoshiyuki TOMINO: for the 40th Anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, come meet the series creator, our Anime Guest of Honor.
  • TWIIN Cosplay: discover this talented cosplay duo, winner of the World Cosplay Summit 2015!
  • VM5: the group won the JAPAN EXPO ROCKs 2019 contest and will be meeting you on the Karasu stage for an electro-rock showcase!


  • Asakusa Kenbukai Edge: the art of the sword blends with dancing with those modern samurai.
  • Cosplay Shows: your favorite heroes come to life on stage on Thursday and Friday!
  • European Cosplay Gatheringthe finals of the biggest cosplay competition in Europeis back on Saturday in the evening for the end of Season 9, followed by the French selections which will launch Season 10 on Sunday!
    Choose the Star Pass ECG Finals option and book a seat: click here
  • Gamushara: the Japanese supporter group is full of enthusiasm and sharing its energy!
  • J-music Springboards: discover the talents of the Japanese music scene with Salome no Kuchibiru and two more groups to come.
  • Kaien: electro music and modern visual techniques mingle in the futuristic world of Kaien.
  • Katanaya Ichi: let yourself get impressed by choreographed sword fights that will immerse you into samurai culture.
  • KIRIE: calligraphs, musicians, and dancers take you away into an enchanting traditional world.
  • Kooya: the wonderful show of medieval Japan, full of samurai and high-ranked courtesans.
  • Maihime: the group is unveiling the elegance and refinement of Japanese traditional dance
  • Yuzu NATSUMI: the shamisen player is introducing you to kiyari, the traditional firemen singing.
  • ReFashion Caravan Show: the neo-kimono style features in this fashion show blending the modern and traditional.  
  • Kanaki SADA: discover the quiet and enchanting sounds of shakuhachi, a traditional bamboo flute. 
  • Show cosplay Love Live!: the world of Love Live! School Idol Project on stage.
  • Takarabune: follow their crazy steps and discover the lively erratic dance awa odori!


  • Artistic Envelop Contest: win your tickets to Japan Expo and surprise gifts with this contest!
  • Cosplay workshops with Aoi Sora Cosplay: the association will be initiating you to sewingmakeup, and DIY to teach you the basics to make your own costumes.
  • SOS Cosplay: a stitch in your costume? Props getting unstuck? Aoi Sora Cosplay’s SOS Cosplay workshop is here to help you.



Ticketing: 1-day and 4-day tickets are on sale online and in stores. And there a few Zen Tickets still on sale on our website. 

Let’s celebrate Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary on July 4-7, 2019 at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center!

Follow our news to find out about our next announcements.

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