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Discover Gamushara oendan, an enthusiastic group of Japanese traditional supporters, which shares vigour and thrill through their songs and their energetic dance!

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First oendan (cheering squad) not to be attached to a school, the Gamushara group wants to share the thrill of Japanese school sports competitions all around the world. That's why this team has created a brand-new show, which usually can only be seen in Japanese schools.


What is an oendan?

A little bit like the cheerleaders in the USA, as a sport team or a club, an oendan is in Japan a group that encourages their different school sports teams with taiko (Japanese drums), cheers and dances. And in the heat of the action, they can also be brought to make oengassen (battles encouragement) with the opponent oendan’s team, to determine which group best motivates their athletes.

Dressed in school uniforms with their hachimaki (headband) and their white gloves, Gamashura's members will not stop igniting his audiance. So, come see their dynamic and original demonstration during the 20th anniversary of Japan Expo!


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