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Task have Fun

Let’s discover Task have Fun a group of kawaii idols who will hype you like never on stage!

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The origin name of Task have Fun came out of the concept of completing daily task while having fun. Created in 2016, Task have Fun is a very popular idol group in Japan and Asia. Since their debut, this trio composed of Fuka Kumazawa, Kyoka Shiraoka and Natsuki Satonaka, has fascinated the Japanese scene. So much, that in 2017 the group received a lot of invitations to idols festivals.

With their unique personalities, their songs and kawaii clips, they draw a lot of attention on them. Their iconic song 3WD is very popular among their fans, who are having fun singing it and dancing the original choreography on it. 


Their second national tour in Japan was marked by the enthusiasm and excitement of their fans, especially during their last performance in Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo. And in addition to their success in Japan, in 2018 they had a very enthusiastic audience in Asia, and they made appearances at major events in Bangkok (Thailand) and Taipei (Taiwan). 


This year, in addition of making a show in the Nakano Sun Plaza, they will set fire to Japan Expo’s audience during the 20th anniversary of the festival.

So, come admire the show of Task Have Fun and dance on their catchy music during their showcase!

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