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If you haven’t been seduced by awa odori, come and discover this Japanese traditional dance for Japan Expo’s 20th anniversary with the extravagant Takarabune!

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The Takarabune’s troupe has been created in 1995 in Tokushima’s region. Their art is mainly based on awa odori dance (also called “crazy dance”), which they have revolutionized in their own way by transforming it into an entertainment that combines both tradition and joy. Takarabune members dance with excitement and enjoyment this more than 400 years old art that they share with the whole world with pure passion. 


In 2012 they become a company, and evolve as the first group of awa odori professional dancers. The success is on point for the troupe and since 2014 they export themselves a lot abroad and can achieve up to 200 performances a year. Until now, they’ve performed in 11 different countries, from the USA to France, England, India, China and of course Japan to just name a few.


The Awa odori's art

Awa Odori is a traditional folk dance performed at the Tokushima festival during O-bon (Buddhist festival) from August 12th to 15th. A little like a large part of the "Day of the Dead" in the world, this religious festival is done in the spirit of welcoming the souls of the ancestors and to look after their graves.

During the festivities the awa odori (which also means "Awa’s city dance", now the city of Tokushima) consists in dancing in an irregularly though elaborate way, with a dynamic and joyful rhythm at the same time, accompanied by the sound of drums, gongs, flutes, etc.

Do not hesitate to come see the eccentric Takarabune for Japan Expo’s 20th anniversary!

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