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Katanaya Ichi

Swords and Japanese culture lovers, let's discover the art of samurai and the spectacular choreography of Katanaya Ichi for Japan Expo’s 20th anniversary.

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The tate (art of sword battle) is a form of martial art mainly developed for theater. With bare feet and hands, the actors use katana to demonstrate sword fights. This art has been popularized all over the world by samurai and Japanese sword culture's expansion through cinema (Zatoichi) and Japanese pop culture.

Composed of six men and two women, the Katanaya Ichi troupe uses this traditional stage art. Increasingly popular thanks to its great mastery of the tate, the troupe is performing more and more often around the world, with the aim of promoting this art but also Japanese culture, in the hope of increasing international exchanges with Japan.

Katanaya-Ichi Performance - Hyper Japan 2015 | Rootnotion

By mixing the art of tate, dance and aikidô, Katanaya Ichi offers a fabulous show with carefully designed choreography, costumes, weapons and scenographyto entertain you.

Attend katana fights and get carried away into the world of samurai by discovering Katanaya Ichi during their show for the 20th anniversary of Japan Expo!

More about Katanaya Ichi on : katanayaichi.com

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